Honey Mustard Dill Sauce with Smoked Salmon



With the end of fall quickly upon us, we knew we had to get ourselves motivated to do a little garden clean up.  A few weeks ago we decided to dig up a few of our surviving herbs from our garden beds and transfer them to pots to bring inside before it was too late to enjoy the last of them.  Our dill plant was the first one in.
We wanted to use it in a simple honey sauce and began by roughly chopping it.
We added the dill to a dollop of honey mustard and set aside some Kosher salt and honey.
The four ingredients were mixed together.
We served ours aside some smoked salmon and enjoyed it for lunch.  It would have also been a great sandwich spread on a crispy baguette.  What we liked most was that we were utilizing the end of our dill and not letting it succumb to the first frost.  We have also dug up our rosemary plants but have not (in past years) had the same luck keeping them inside over the winter…here is hoping that they decide they like it in the warm cozy house this year…


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