Hotel Chocolat…all the way from England


I had no idea that my mother-in-law was a chocolate connoisseur.  When my husband returned home from his latest trip to England he handed me a very large box of chocolates sent from his mother.  Well actually, he handed me the chocolates and then a couple of hours later said “hmmmm…maybe we should try a chocolate”.  He who claims to hate sweets has a secret sweet tooth when there is sugar in the house.


Apparently my mother-in-law has these wonderful chocolates delivered to her door each month.  I think I can learn from this!  Quality chocolate delivered to your door?! Is there anything better? Well, maybe if a bottle of wine came along with it…


Our Hotel Chocolat came in a large pink box and is from The Sleekster Exuberantly Fruity Selection.  Inside there were twelve flavors to choose from, all of which we absolutely loved.  My favorite was the Blackcurrant Bombe.  This chocolate was rolled in blackcurrant powder and filled with creamy blackcurrant ganache in a white chocolate shell.  My second favorite would have had to have been the Baltic Truffle which on the outside had a sprinkling of fruity sugar and inside was a layer of redcurrant ganache topped with creamy white chocolate ganache.


To be honest, these chocolates were all so amazing it was difficult to pick one favorite.  The box did not last long at our house, probably only four days tops.


  You can find out more about Hotel Chocolat at  in the United States
or in the UK and Europe.


I know one thing for sure…the next time I am in Boston I will surely be stopping by one of the two US locations on Newbury Street!

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