Iced Turmeric Lattes at Home with Big Heart Tea Co.

So my little confession of the week is that I have developed an expensive habit.  Turmeric lattes.  Iced turmeric lattes to be specific.  They are creamy, spicy and oh so good for you.  But…at $5.25 a day that does add up and for the cost of one week’s worth (five lattes) I bought this pouch of Big Heart Tea Co Sunshine Dust which makes thirty lattes.  30! That is 25 extra lattes.  And that…THAT is great news! The other great news is that these are so easy to make and taste every bit as good as the expensive ones I had been treating myself to.  Even better…we now carry Big Heart Tea Co. Sunshine Dust in our shop so you too can enjoy these beneficial lattes at home.

Turmeric is said to stimulate digestion and improve your immune system.  Most importantly, it fights inflammation – something that I have been personally working on for nearly nine months now.  As someone who prefers to use natural ingredients to improve my health, I love the benefits of turmeric and use it frequently in my cooking as well.

Big Heart Tea Co. uses organic ginger, organic turmeric, organic lemongrass and organic peppercorns in their Sunshine Dust.  And can we just gush about Big Heart Tea Co. for a minute? This woman-owned, Midwest-based company is on a mission to make people feel good through “healing herbs and tea”.  I LOVE that they use ethical sourcing practices for all the ingredients they use.  One more great thing? These products are so super cute you will want them just for their fonts alone! They don’t stop at Sunshine Dust…so stop in and see all the other teas they offer.  Fake Coffee is next on my list!

What I love about the sunshine dust is that it is equally good hot or cold.  The directions are easy- simply combine 1 teaspoon of Sunshine Dust with 1 tablespoon of hot water in the bottom of a mug or (our favorite) canning jar.  Whisk into a paste and then add 10 ounces of warm milk with honey to taste.  To make cold lattes you take 1 teaspoon of Sunshine Dust with 10 ounces of cold milk and honey to taste.  Shake with ice in a jar until frothy.  You can also blend this! Use the same contents and blend until smooth and frothy.  Not only is it versatile – which is great for this hot and cold weather we have been having- it is so flavorful.  I used unsweetened almond milk and bamboo honey.  Sunshine Dust is peppery and spicy and really is a great way to start or end the day.  You can adjust the flavor by adding the full (suggested) teaspoon or take it down to a quarter teaspoon to get the flavor but less heat/spice.

Still, it is nice, from time to time, to treat yourself out to someone else making your latte.  If you are in South County, Rhode Island I highly suggest stopping in to Junk & Java to give their turmeric latte a try.  With an almond milk base they add turmeric, cinnamon, honey and freshly ground ginger.  They make them perfectly!


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