Leftover Breakfast Hash


We were recently given some beautiful eggs from our neighbors.  They really are the best kind, aren’t they?  So much better than store bought.  Anyway…we also had a lot of leftover stuff we wanted to use up so we decided to make a breakfast hash.  It is not often that we are even together at breakfast so when we are we do try to make it a little special. Most days we are grabbing a banana or a quick bowl of cereal.  It is nice to be able to linger when you get the chance and this was one of those mornings.


This is super simple and you can vary the has part to include whatever you have in your fridge.


We started by gathering some herbs from the garden- we used flat leaf parsley and marjoram.


In a saute pan we threw together our left over chicken, ham, corn and cubed potatoes.  The potatoes had been parboiled the night before for another dish- we had some left over so we tossed them in some olive oil and roasted them before we threw in the other ingredients.



We topped this with our fresh eggs and then threw the herbs on top. Could it be any easier?  We have been trying to be better about wasting food so we felt quite good about using the leftovers rather than letting them sit in the fridge as the often do.


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