Lemon & Shallot Dressing

To me there is nothing better than a simple salad with a chunk of home baked bread.  Since I discovered how easy it is to make vinegrettes and dressings I always make my own.  This is a super simple recipe consisting of a shallot, lemon, salt and canola oil. I have made it with olive oil before, but find that the taste of the lemon and shallot are sometimes over powered.  The canola oil provided the perfect balance.


Chop the shallot.




I like to use canning jars because it makes for easy shaking.
I added the zest of one lemon…
as well as the juice.
Add the oil- three parts to one part acid.
Shake before adding the salt and pepper.


Taste and then add the salt and pepper.
Shake again and enjoy with salad or as a sauce for cous-cous, rice or pasta.  I have also used it to marinade chicken which was fabulous.



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