Mei Mei Street Kitchen @ Boston Public Library


There are not any food trucks where we live.  Well, maybe one, but the allure of it is taken away when you have to drive to it, park and then get out and order, eat and get back in your car.  It is much more enticing to be walking along the city streets and happen upon one and decide hey…this looks good…I’ll eat.




Locating and eating at food trucks was part of our reason for taking a long walk around Boston on Wednesday.  Although we found quite a few, Mei Mei Street Kitchen located at Boston Public Library was one of our favorites.



We loved that you could really get a great lunch for such a cheap price.





Can we stop and talk a minute about the super friendly staff? Not every truck we visited had this quality.  At Mei Mei, the minute you walked up you were greeted with a huge smile and a welcoming “hi”.  One other thing that struck us was that at this truck they seemed to be having fun cooking and serving people (despite the wind and cold).  It is one of the things we loved about it.
Despite being busy the food came out very quickly.



We ordered the rice porridge with braised beef.  Not only did it smell great, it kept our hands warm on a very, very cold first day of spring.  When we opened it we were delighted to see how colorful it was. The flavors were excellent and the textures were all over the place with the creamy porridge, crunchy ginger, crispy bread bits and the amazing braised beef.


If you get the chance and are in Boston you should check them out.  We thought they were amazing!






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