Mint Infused Heavy Cream with Freshly Picked Blueberries


Here in New England it is blueberry season.  Everywhere we go we signs advertising fresh blueberries and opportunities abound for picking your own.  We couldn’t be happier as we love to have them for breakfast….usually in our cereal but today just on their own.


One of the things we loved most about our trip to England two summers ago was that for breakfast we would be offered fresh fruit with cream.  A luxury we do not afford ourselves here as we tend to stick to skim milk for breakfast.


This morning, with the fresh blueberries on the counter, we could not resist, especially since we had the heavy cream waiting for us in the fridge.


A fun way to make the cream a little bit more special (as if heavy cream for breakfast is not enough of a luxury…) is to infuse it with freshly picked mint from the garden.


It is so simple.  Pour in the cream.  Add some mint.  Muddle.  Let sit in the fridge over night.  Strain out the mint leaves before you are ready to serve.


We added a pinch of sugar and a few more sprigs of mint to the dish of berries before we poured on the cream.



The flavor of the mint in the cream was very subtle and added just a little something special to the lovely, flavorful berries.






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