Mt. View Restaurant in Hampden, Massachusetts


Sometimes we remember places from our childhood as being super amazing. When we revisit them as adults we often realize it was just the excitement of childhood and eating out that was the good part…not the case with Mt. View Restaurant in Hampden, Massachusetts.


For true locals in my age range, Mt. View will forever be remembered as being called Snappy’s- although it has had other names as well.  The place where our childhood ice cream addictions began.  The first place we were allowed to ride our bikes to in the 70’s when there was far less traffic in this rural little town.


My best summertime (childhood) memories are of parking my bike and indulging in soft serve twists with chocolate sprinkles.  Today, feeling like a perfect summer day, I decided to make the drive to have lunch and ice cream.



The menu consists of deep fried things like hot dogs, french fries, onion rings, all sorts of burgers, fish, sandwiches and more.  It is all good, but I am particularly fond of the hot dogs and burgers.


When I was about twelve or thirteen I discovered the cheeseburger special thanks to my friend Hilarie. It is a classic greasy burger with cheese, tomato, lettuce and mayo.  Now I’m not going to lie…there is nothing gourmet about any of the food at Snappy’s, but as far as drive up- eat out seasonal restaurants go, this one can’t be beat.  The food is really good.  It is, in my opinion, worthy of a Guy Fieri episode on Diners, Drive-Ins and Dives.


I think of myself as an ice cream connoisseur.  This is especially true of soft serve ice cream.  The ice cream at Snappy’s is creamy and delicious.  It is my favorite soft serve ice cream of any place I have ever been.  It is the ice cream that I compare all others to.  Nothing ever lives up.  Summertime memories do this to people, I know….but really- this is really good.




When we were little you could actually see the mountain view from the picnic tables.  Today the trees are grown, but from few tiny spots you can still see the mountain. Snappy’s doesn’t seem to have a web site or Facebook page but I highly suggest you take a trip if you are so inclined.
Mt. View is located at 25 Allen Street in Hampden, Massachusetts.


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