Our Favorite Whale Cookie Cutters

My love of whales goes way back.  Think the preppy period of the early 80’s.  Bermuda bags in indigo blue with kelly green edging embroidered with a whale and my initials.  Foil whale stickers and whale stampers from our local stationary store.  Pink and green striped whales and whales on printed bags at summer boutiques on Cape Cod.  My first modern dance performance in college was set to whale sounds- it was if the choreographer knew me.  True whale love here.

So it is probably no surprise that at Charlotte Julienne in Watch Hill the whale has become our favorite sea creature.  When we stumbled upon these gorgeous copper whale cookie cutters we had to have them.  Made by Sir/Madam they are packaged in a lovely little muslin bag and contain three whales; a tiny one, a medium one and a large one.

Can whales be our go to Christmas cookie shape? I’ll say yes because we live by the ocean.  They’d be better if I improved my decorating skills- but until then we will opt for a simple poke in the eye while warm and a little line for a mouth.  We absolutely swear by this cookie recipe called Annie Hall’s Sugar Cookies by Susan Branch.  It is simple, dependable and so tasty.  Susan Branch illustrates and writes these gorgeous cookbooks unlike any other.  They are, perhaps, mom cookbooks, but hey- I’m a mom so it is ok! I fell in love with them in the early 90’s when I discovered one in Newburyport, Massachusetts and quickly bought it for my mother for Christmas.  They are full of ideas, recipes and the prettiest little watercolors.  I don’t think you can still buy the Christmas one…but you might find it at a used book store or on eBay.

We love the whale cookie cutter for its quality design, simplicity and oh my God, if you haven’t seen the Sir/Madam line- we could just move right in.  Sell all my stuff and replace it with their catalog.  Every. Last. Piece.  But for now, we will start with our little sack of whale cookie cutters.  True love.


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