Papaya Popsicles


Here in Massachusetts it has been terribly hot and humid for days.  To make the heat bearable we have decided to make papaya Popsicles.


We began with this lovely papaya which we got at our local fruit & vegetable shop.


After peeling it, slicing it in half and then chopping it into chunks we were ready to put the flesh into the juicer.


We love this juicer.  We bought it a few months back and use it all the time.  It makes the process of juicing so easy and the finished product is absolutely delicious.  After juicing the fruit, we put a pinch of sorbet stabilizer into the liquid and then poured the mixture into our Popsicle molds.


We added the tops and let them set and freeze over night.


These pops are an easy and fun way to enjoy the heat and humidity of summer!



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