Peach Thyme Muffins

At our house the leaves are beginning to change.  The kids are back to school.  The dog has gotten her morning routine back.  Breakfasts have fallen by the wayside and we are back to cereal and yogurt more days than I’d like to admit.  So when I came across one last bag of peaches at the market I decided I needed to break away (at least for a day) from the cereal routine.  I’ve been obsessing lately over flavor combinations and found one suggestion for pairing peaches with thyme.  We love thyme in this house.  It is versatile and grows like mad in our little rock garden.  We have just begun saving it for winter but still have loads that needs to be used up.

I went on line to find a generic muffin recipe.  Not too sweet, not to bland.  Something that would make the peaches stand on their own.  This recipe  did just that.  I’ll be honest though- I needed it a little bit sweeter.  Next time I’d add more sugar and perhaps some vanilla.  If you read people’s comments on this particular recipe some of them say they turned out too thick, too hard, too bland.  I think the trick is not to over mix and to be sure to add sweetness in your ingredients.  The peachy-thyme thing though- wow.  That was good! Savory and sweet.

Make sure you eat these muffins right away or keep them in the fridge.  Peaches won’t last if left out.  The best part about this? These are also great with a scoop of vanilla ice cream…and if you do that at breakfast I promise I won’t tell.









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