Pink Lady Cocktails

It may be that the only good thing about this renovation (besides the ultimate promise of a functional kitchen) is that we have been drinking cocktails just for fun.  By the end of this process we might just have tried out every single one in Danny Meyer’s Mix Shake Stir.  When we saw the photos for the Pink Lady we knew we had to make it.  So elegant and so pink! What is not to love? The only pink lady we had ever heard of was from our favorite classic movie, Grease.  And while Sandy did say she had had champagne at her cousin’s wedding once…it could’t have been as good as this frothy cocktail.



2 oz gin (we substituted with Art in the Age Rhubarb Tea)

1 oz grenadine (the book opts for homemade, but we are feeling full of excuses because of this renovation project)

3/4 oz fresh lemon juice

spash of apricot brandy

splash of applejack

1 large egg white

(makes one drink)

Fill your shaker with ice.  Add the gin, grenadine, lemon juice, apricot brandy, applejack, and egg white and shake vigorously until it becomes very frothy.  This took us about 45 seconds.  Strain into your glass and serve.  It is surprisingly easy and turns out so gorgeous with the froth on top.  The taste was sweet and delicious.  This drink would be perfect for a springtime luncheon or bridal shower.  If you have the chance and can find a copy, Mix Shake Stir is really a fabulous book full of classic and modern cocktails.










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