Our Favorite Summer Pizza on the Grill

We live in a pizza town. Considering the size of our town there are an awful lot of pizza shops (aka over 10). When a new business is opening up the local social media pages all say…please, not another pizza place! We have our favorite amongst the plethora of choices, but sometimes it is just nice to make it at home.  When I discovered that our local market sold pizza dough I’m not going to lie- I was pretty excited.  At our house any sort of bread, crust, dough making is handed off to my husband and he is just simply not available most days to cater to my carbohydrate addiction.  These pre-packaged pizza dough bundles make pizza at home so easy.

To step it up a notch we like to roll them out in smaller sizes and grill them. They can be personalized and enjoyed in a steady stream as they come off the grill. The greatest thing about these little pizzas is that you can use up all of your leftovers to create something new. We often have just a little cheese, or half a pepper, or a handful of spinach, you get the idea. We like to cook them all down and then add them to the top of the uncooked dough before putting them onto the grill. The dough can be lightly brushed with olive oil and then assembled (less is more) and slid onto the hot grill where they gently cook until the bottoms are toasty and the tops oozing.

Someday we will have a wood fired pizza oven in the back garden but until then our little tiny it was on sale grill does just as good a job.



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