Preserved Lemons

The Meyer lemon is a hybrid and has a much sweeter taste than a traditional lemon. The preserving process comes from North Africa where preserved lemons often are a key ingredient in the cuisine. You can buy them already preserved, but it is so easy peasy you should make them yourself!


10 Meyer Lemons
Kosher salt
Bay leaf

Whole Pepper corns


Take your lemons and cut off the ends then cut into four but do not slice all the way through so it still remains joined.

Salt well by opening up the lemon where it is cut ensuring that the salt is all over the inside.

Place the salted lemons, cloves and Bay in a sealable jar (we use Mason Jars).

Then replace the lids firmly.
Over the next seven days turn the Jars daily – They can be kept in or out of the Fridge.


Cover with olive oil and then use as needed.
Julienne: “ The oil is great for making any citrus salad dressing.”
Charlotte: “Diced and added to mayonnaise, it is better than tartar sauce.”
A great use for the preserved lemons is in this wonderful salmon tower.  Simply take a salmon steak, gently poach it in water or olive oil, pull it apart, mix in diced preserved lemon rind and season well with salt and pepper.  Here we have added mustard, honey and dill pearls formed using Agar Agar.

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