Fake It Till You Make It


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While the coffee might be fake, the flavor is real!  Big Heart Tea Co’s Fake Coffee has hints of cacao, chicory and cinnamon and brews like a chocolatey cup of coffee with a little less caffeine.  Works both hot or cold.  Loose Leaf. Herbal Infusion. Caffeinated. From the box…”Fake Coffee’s energizing combination of cacao and dandelion root will inspire you to get it done, whatever it is.” We’ve paired it with our favorite pewter coffee scoop from Beehive Handmade.  We love the little detail impressed onto the back of the scoop handle.  Perfect for the tea or coffee lover in your life. Price includes shipping within US.

Fake Coffee Ingredients:

Organic Cacao, roasted organic chicory root, organic dandelion root, organic cinnamon.  11 servings per container.