Prosciutto Ravioli from Eataly in Boston

This past weekend we took the kids to Boston for a little getaway.  While it didn’t go exactly as planned (a.k.a. kids do not always behave quite as you expect), we were not going to let anything stop us from stopping in at Eataly located in the Prudential Center on Boylston Street.  Oh my gosh you guys…can you say AMAZING? If only every city had one.  Fresh produce, jarred gourmet treats, breads, meats, cheese, fresh pasta….the list goes on and on.  We filled our little basket quite quickly and (unfortunately) had to leave hundreds of other treasures behind.  I would have been happy to be left behind with them, but the family insisted I get back in the car.

One of the treasures we left with was a box of freshly made prosciutto ravioli.  At home we made a lovely red sauce and then drizzled a parsley oil on top.  So easy to make, parsley oil is something we turn to quite often to brighten the flavor in lots of meals.  By blending parsley, really good olive oil, salt and a splash of champagne vinegar you can create a delicious oil which is just fabulous drizzled on top of pasta sauces, fish or chicken.  The prosciutto ravioli were delicious.  The pasta was light and the filling so flavorful.  We can’t wait to make some at home.

If you haven’t stopped in yet you should check out Eataly the next time you are in Boston.  It is a great stop for things to bring home or food to eat there.  Next time we might make an afternoon of it!

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