Provisions…Northampton, Massachusetts

Today we had the absolute pleasure of visiting Provisions in Northampton, Massachusetts.  What a fabulous store.  Really. We were in heaven.  Offering a variety of beautiful packaged food products, Provisions also has a gorgeous cheese and meat counter with a very knowledgeable cheesemonger who was more than glad to talk about the cheeses and offer suggestions and samples.  The products are presented in a clean and aesthetically pleasing way which makes you want to really stop and look at each one.  We would have stayed a lot longer if we didn’t have a pre-school pick up to take care of.  They also sell wine and artisanal and gypsy beers.  What we really liked the most was that the people working in the shop were so willing to help you.  Stop by if you get a chance!








We came home with a small bag of treasure which we look forward to sampling as soon as the kids are asleep!

Provisions is located at 30 Crafts Avenue in Northampton, Massachusetts.

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