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So when we found out that we would both be on vacation during Boston’s Restaurant Week we were pretty thrilled.  We spent a good week perusing the various dinner menus and then reading reviews from previous diners.  Perhaps we should have been a little quicker in our decision making as getting in to some restaurants was not so easy! One of the restaurants we selected to visit was Radius.  With this particular restaurant were able to reserve a table through Open Table (even if it was one of the only ones left at 6:00) and looked forward to our dinner.


Restaurant week is a great opportunity to try restaurants at such an amazing low price ($38 per person for our dinner) with upgrades possible along the way…(which we took advantage of and still came out of the night having spent about $120 with wine.)  
What we loved was the food.  From the Spanish Octopus which was served with potato, cipollini, and sauce vert to the onion consommé with spring onions, speck, gruyere and crostini the first course was truly flavorful yet light.  For dinner we selected the roasted skate which was served with kohlrabi, thumbelinas, cabernet and hen of the woods as well as the  Crystal Valley Chicken with Jerusalem artichokes, Brussels sprouts and crispy shallots.  Both excellent.  For dessert we shared the chocolate sabayon and the goat cheese and huckleberry cheesecake.  At the end of the meal more desserts were brought out.  Do you see what we mean about the bargain price? It was a lot of food and the portions were not small.


What we didn’t love was the way the staff hovered on the outskirts of the room watching your every move.  Now we are fairly certain this was done to make the dining experience much better as they didn’t miss a trick and were there accommodating your every need be it more wine, clearing plates or offering you more bread. But it made us feel a little unable to just relax and enjoy the night.  While we understand the principle behind it, we would have liked it to be a bit more subtle in it’s execution.


That said, our server was able to make our half bottle of wine last through our entire meal so his keen observations earn him points for that.


Would we do it again? Absolutely and we can’t wait.  So many great restaurants and such bargains to be had…next time we will just be a little quicker with our reservations so we don’t need to eat so early.







Radius is located at 8 High Street in Boston, Massachusetts.


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