Rawson Brook Farm Monterey Chèvre

One of the best parts about living in Western Massachusetts is the abundance of local foods and wonderful farms.  A couple of years ago we accidentally stumbled upon Rawson Brook Farm in Monterey, Massachusetts.  We were out for a drive and ended up on a dirt road which, as we recall, was quite dusty, and then found a tiny rickety wooden bridge that went over a little creek.  To be honest we were not sure if it would support the weight of the car…but we took our chances.


When we rounded the corner we found Rawson Brook Farm and recently returned for a second trip.



Rawson Brook Farm produces the most amazing goats cheese.  It is subtle in flavor and flavors are offered with fresh herbs as well.  We love that you can walk around the gardens and farm itself to see the goats.


We also love that by traveling to the farm and purchasing the goats cheese we are supporting local food and farms!
At the farm there is even a small petting portion. The goats seemed to love to be petted!


On our way home we made a quick stop at our other favorite stop, Rubiner’s in Great Barrington, and picked up some Tuscan crackers and local prosciutto.


The thyme and olive oil goats cheese is amazing.  Spreadable, creamy, tangy, so good!


Rawson Brook Farm is located in Monterey, Massachusetts on New Marlboro Road.  They have a lovely farm which they allow you to walk around to explore the gardens and goats.  Dogs are not allowed and children must be kept at bay! An honor system for paying for the cheese means that cash is the only way to pay, so be sure to bring plenty of it as you’ll want to leave with enough cheese to see you through! The cheese is “very” freezable so this makes the option of purchasing a lot possible.


If you would like to learn more about Rawson Brook Farm you can watch this great video we discovered by the Berkshire Food Journal Blog:



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