Remembering an Amazing Wedding Dinner


Two years ago we eloped and were married on the Boston Common.  After a week straight of rain, we had a beautiful sunny day and an absolutely perfect wedding.  For dinner we had the fortunate opportunity to dine at the chef’s table at L’Espalier in Boston.  If you ever have the chance, we highly recommend the experience.  From the minute we walked in the door, until the minute we left, the staff was welcoming and helpful.  They encouraged us to take photographs so we did!


For this dinner we opted for the wine pairngs, which, I have to say, was incredible.  The wine made each bite of food taste even more incredible than it would have on its own.


Having recently done the same at Per Se in NYC, we have decided that the next place we eat we will not pair the wines because the truth is, there is just too much of it!  By the end of our recent dinner at Per Se, we felt that we would have been happier with a great bottle of wine which complimented the entire meal….or perhaps we need to work on some self discipline and just not drink the entire glass of wine that is poured for each course…

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