Saucy by Nature Coffee BBQ Sauce Country Style Ribs

A while back we stumbled upon this amazing BBQ sauce out of Brooklyn made by Saucy by Nature.  We loved it so much we started selling it here at Charlotte Julienne and, judging by demand,  it has proven to be very popular with all our fantastic followers.   It is dark, yet tangy and has a great hit of coffee that adds another layer of flavor to any BBQ dish …we just LOVE it.  What is more, it is made with the very best ingredients including Fair Trade coffee and unsulphured molasses.

IMG_1634Tuesday is farmers’ market day here at Forest Park in Springfiled – a day we look forward to each week.  

IMG_1658Skalbite Family Farms  from Monson, Massachusetts, have some beautiful meat products and we found these great country style ribs from their own pasture raised pork. When we saw the fat to meat ratio, we knew that these would be fantastic once cooked. With the bone in there is plenty of additional flavor and they hold up really well to a long braise (or, in our case, pressure cooking)

How could we not scoop up these gorgeous fiddle heads? Their season is so short, so we make a point to enjoy them as much as possible each spring. We thought that they would be great with our Coffee BBQ Ribs.

IMG_1660We also decided to add our own espresso shot to our BBQ Sauce.  A while ago we received a gift from a bespoke African safari company Micato which included some rich Kenyan coffee so we used this for our expresso shot.

IMG_1641This is so simple. Begin by seasoning the ribs on both sides then quickly brown in a hot pan with a little olive oil. Place the browned ribs in the Cuisnart Pressure Cooker .  Add 4 halved shallots, 1 cup of Saucy by Nature Coffee BBQ sauce and one shot of espresso.  Place on the lid and cook under high pressure for 28 minutes.  Let the pressure release slowly, then rest for at least 15 minutes. (You can allow to cool completely then refrigerate for reheating on the grill another day).

IMG_1690Once rested in the cooking juices, remove the ribs then, in a sauce pan, heat the sauce to reduce and thicken.  We served our ribs with fiddle heads and thin cut potato fries.

IMG_1692What we loved about this meal (other than the amazing flavors) was the simplicity of it all and the pub/family feel it had.  Our kids were super excited to be getting thin cut fries wrapped in paper and felt like they were getting a take out treat.  It was really a great spring night meal which we will look forward to making again next year.







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