Stellar Organics 2011 100 % Organic White Wine


What a find!


We have not tried an organic wine before and this has just become one of our new favorites. From the South African Stellar Winery comes this 2011 organic, vegan friendly, fair traded, no-sulphur added white wine.  We paid about $10 for the bottle.


This organic wine was produced without using any chemical pesticides, herbicides, fungicides or fertilizer.  It also is free of additionally added sulphur.  Sulphur is generally added to wine as a preservative to prevent oxidation.  It is also a cleansing agent during the grape crushing stage of wine making.  We find it can cause head aches if you dare to have more than two glasses…


With this particular wine that was not an issue. It had a lovely crisp, clean taste that was almost juicy on the pallet.  We highly recommend it, especially at this great price!


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