Strawberry Coconut Ice Pops

About a month ago we went strawberry picking.  It was the first time for our kids and so we let them go a little crazy picking (perhaps) more than we needed.  We used the berries for all sorts of things including an amazingly refreshing drink called Aqua Fresca.  Trying desperately to get better about not wasting the small bits of what we have left, we decided to turn the remainder of the juice into pops (or ice lollies if you are in the UK) that we knew the kids would enjoy.  We set that juice aside and mixed up some simple coconut milk and shredded coconut in a blender so it was no longer textural.  The shredded coconut adds a natural sweetness that the milk is missing.  We poured a layer into our pop mold and let it freeze for about two hours before pouring the next color on top.  This process was repeated until the pops were done.  Our kids LOVED them.  We loved that it made the strawberries we had picked last all the longer.  Oh and one last plug for that strawberry Agua Fresca….it is so good even in frozen pop state.







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