Summer Salsa Chutney


When we made our Taco Inspired Consommé we were left with all the pulp from the beautiful vegetables that we passed through our juicer.  Normally the pulp in the juicer is inedible, but in this case it was different – it turned our lovely vegetables into more of a salsa or chutney (I told you there is a lot of chutney in an English house!) and left us with the thicker juice which we used in our consommé.


They began so pretty like this…


…and then came out of the juicer like this.  We then put it in a saucepan and cooked it down with a splash of champagne vinegar and some salt and pepper.



After it was completely cooled (over night in the fridge), it had the consistency of a lovely salsa or chutney.  The flavor was light and summery, not at all heavy like some salsas which are, perhaps, more tomato based or chutneys which are often thick.


We served it with crackers and a crisp glass of white wine and felt pretty good about the fact that we didn’t waste any of the pulp from that lovely soup in yesterday’s blog.



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