Sushi Rolls at Home

We love sushi but don’t often get out for it due to busy schedules.  More often than not we pick it up for take out after a late night at work.  Today we had a little extra time and decided to make it at home for lunch.

Wash the sushi rice thoroughly until the water runs clear.  Then cook it with two parts water to one part rice.  We cooked ours in a pressure cooker which we found worked quite well.  Once cooked leave covered for ten minutes or so.  We cooled it down and then dressed it with a sugar and rice vinegar mix.
We used about 4 Tablespoons of rice wine to one Tablespoon of sugar and then added a splash of water.

While the rice was cooking we prepped the other ingredients starting with carrots.  Peeled thin and then sliced into matchsticks we put them aside until we were ready to make the rolls.

We were able to find a great piece of tuna (frozen) at our local market.  We thawed it and then sliced it into long strips after seasoning it.

The tuna was seared very quickly (about less than one minute) on each side and set aside.

Ready to roll we put out our bamboo mat and a piece of nori.  We spooned the rice onto it and flattened it out.  Using what we had we used sesame, carrot, celery, green beans and romanoff caviar along with our tuna.  



This couldn’t be simpler and really was quite tasty for a home made roll.  Super idea for lunch!

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  1. Looks delish! Try Masse’s for fresh sushi grade tuna. protip: line the inside of the bamboo mat with plastic wrap to prevent bacteria and extend the life of the mat.

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