Sweet Piccalilli




Piccalilli is a traditional and curiously British condiment that was probably influenced by the British who lived and traveled to the Indian continent.  Having been exposed to spicy chutneys and curries, they, on return to the British isles, looked to recreate some of the exotic flavors. 


Piccalilli contains cauliflower and usually a marrow (like a giant zucchini)  and seasonings of mustard and turmeric the latter of which gives the Piccalilli a distinctive yellow color. 
This condiment is used as an accompaniment to cured meats, ham, cheese and eggs.


500g cauliflower
500g summer squash, zucchini or marrow
400g small onions
100g salt
100g sugar
1 Tbsp whole mustard seeds or mustard powder

400ml cider vinegar

2 tsp turmeric
1 tsp grated fresh or ground ginger
25g plain flour 
Cut the vegetables to bite size.
Dissolve the salt in water and then place all vegetables into a bowl and cover with the salt water.
Leave in the brine overnight then strain. 
In a saucepan mix vinegar with turmeric, sugar and ginger then over a medium heat whisk in the flour.
Grind the mustard seeds then add them to the saucepan. 
Add the vegetables. 
Bring the mix to a boil then reduce the heat to just above a simmer and cook the piccalilli for twenty minutes until it becomes a rich thick golden sauce. 


Once cool it can be stored in a pickling jar in your fridge where it will be good for many months. 
It can take an ordinary ham sandwich to heavenly sandwich status.  


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