Top 3 Christmas Cookies

Stack of chocolate cookies

With Christmas just seven days away we are sharing our top three Christmas cookie recipes from our archives.  

One of our favorites is our mincemeat chocolate chip.  A cookie we never thought we’d be so happy with- the idea of mincemeat was always a little scary.  This combination provides that cozy holiday flavor combination of spices along with gooey chocolate.  

Although I am admittedly not a chocolate craver- this next cookie is so good that it also made our list.  Maybe because we are trying to embrace the fact that we are Rhode Island residents, or maybe we just love this flavor combination- our coffee milk stout cookie is soft, chewy and has the most subtle mocha flavor.

Since we are only selecting three cookies we wanted our last one to be somewhat traditional to the cookie boxes we have been given around the holidays.  This last one is called the Pecan Dream and comes to us from a cookbook we found much by chance.  It is a great blog post about an island disappearing into the sea. These cookies are crumbly, sweet and nutty.  

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