Top Three Pumpkin Favorite Throwbacks

Fall is by far our favorite season.  The cool air, falling leaves and comfort foods make it pretty hard for any other season to compete.  Perhaps it is our location here in New England where fall is just part of our DNA.  Perhaps it is the coziness of sweater weather.  Regardless, it is our happiest time.  Over the years we have made our share of fall favorites- but a few stand out as our top three.

First on our list are Pumpkin Pistachio Cupcakes.  They were made much by mistake but had two top fall flavors- pumpkin and maple.  We love to make them mini size because one… you won’t be overwhelmed by the pumpkin craze and 2…totally contradicting number one….you can eat more than one!

In a house that contains a former British Army Officer, you probably always have a bottle (or two or three) of port.  While I tend to associate port with the winter months, we combined it with pumpkin in this dense bread which we topped with orange cream cheese.  This recipe was lovely because not only did it taste so good, it made the entire house smell like fall.

Our final favorite pumpkin sweet is this pumpkin white chocolate cheesecake made with Jell-O.  Yes, Jell-O.  We were knee deep in a kitchen renovation and hauled all of our baking ingredients an hour away from home for a weekend of peace.  We figured that by using Mast Brothers chocolate on top we balanced out the Jell-O bit.  The pumpkin flavor was decadent.  Despite the fact that we now live somewhere else and have a functioning kitchen we still love this recipe because of its ease and simplicity.


You can find more pumpkin favorites here, here and here.  What are your favorite fall dishes? Are you sick of pumpkin yet? We really held out so that we could enjoy it in late October and early November.  A first for us, but something I think we will continue to do!

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