Vinh Chau’s Pho with Rare Flank Steak



Quite a few years back before we were married I had a roommate who came to this boring little city from San Francisco.  Needless to say, it must have been a bit of a culture (less) shock for him.  He managed to find a fabulous “hole in the wall” sort of place for amazing Vietnamese food.  I should point out that when he said he found a Vietnamese restaurant I thought for sure he was talking about the place with the fancy sign and the authentically decorated front window.  When he suggested we go out for dinner one night I thought great- I’ve never been there this will be fantastic!  Much to my surprise we ended up across the street at the place that looked like any other shop on the street.  No fancy sign.  No fancy window.  The hole in the wall restaurant has since become one of my favorite stops for Vietnamese food.  One of our regular take out meals is Pho with rare flank steak.  A bargain at $5.95, it is perfect for lunch or dinner and is completely filling.


 We love that we get to build the soup from bottom to top- and especially love the colors and flavors that the finished product presents.




Vinh Chau is located at 409 Dickinson Street in Springfield, Massachusetts.  It is well worth a stop if you ever find yourself in Springfield.


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