Vittoria’s Dunn’s Corners… The Grandma Pizza

We have not ordered take out since we have moved.  It seemed for a while, during our massive renovation, that all we ate was take out.  Sushi, Pizza, Vietnamese.  You name it…we ate it.  A break was good and a real kitchen to cook in again was even better.  Yesterday was a long day and we were all feeling a bit too tired to put forth the effort so we went in search of a great local pizza for take out.  Not knowing any many people here yet, there was no one to ask but Siri.  She pointed us to a few pizza shops close by and we randomly selected Vittoria’s at Dunn’s Corners here in Westerly.  Their web site states that they are home of the “Grandma Pizza”.  We don’t know about you…but we have never heard of a “Grandma Pizza”.   We recently googled it and found this great article from Bon Appetite suggesting that the difference between a Sicilian Pizza and a “Grandma Pizza” is all about the proofing time and the crust.   If you are in NY there are, apparently, lots of places you can get authentic “Grandma Pizza”.  The author implies it will be much harder to find it anywhere outside of NYC though.  Reading that made us feel pretty lucky.  As we Googled on we felt fairly out of touch with our city vibe and realized this “Grandma Pizza” is being written about everywhere in NY.  Even at Forbes! Vittoria’s web site suggests their “Grandma Pizza” is inspired by the pizzas grandmothers would make in Southern Italy from leftover bread dough.  When in Rome…we like to think that if you are eating somewhere that claims to be well known for something in particular you should, by all means, order that item.  So the “Grandma Pizza” drove 13 minutes to get from their very crowded take out line to our porch.  The sixteen pieces of pan cooked pizza covered in fresh mozzarella, EVOO and crushed tomato were gone in no time.  By far, this was one of the best pizza’s we have had in a very long time.  Last week we were at Mystic Pizza because, well, who wouldn’t eat there if visiting Mystic, CT?! This pizza is very different…and in our opinions better.  We are suckers for thick bready pizza crusts.  Fresh cheese.  Drizzles of olive oil.  To be honest we could eat it again tonight.  It was that good.  If you are in Westerly check them out.  They are located at 224 Post Road.





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