Welsh Rarebit

We made another stop to our favorite cheese shop, Rubiner’s, in Great Barrington, Massachusetts and picked up another bit of Mrs. Kirkham’s Lancashire cheese especially to make Welsh Rarebit.


This is a great snack or quick lunch and is a far cry better than plain melted cheese on toast.  More popular in the UK than here in the states, it was a fun and easy Friday night snack.


As a child I always thought people were saying Welsh rabbit…not rarebit, so it was a little bit scary.



We began by thickly slicing some country oat bread.  We then toasted one side.
We crumbled the cheese and made a small roux using a tablespoon of butter and a tablespoon of flour.
We added a little milk and once a thickness develops add in some white wine, the cheese and worcestershire sauce.  We seasoned with a little white pepper.


The mixture will begin lumpy until the cheese melts.  Throughout this time continue to whisk together over a low heat.


Ultimately the mixture will become creamy.  Pour the thickened mixture onto your toast and place under the broiler until bubbly and brown.



Simple, flavorful snacking…our only regret was that we didn’t make more than one slice each!


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