West Springfield’s Iconic White Hut

On one of the last days of summer we took a trip to West Springfield, Massachusetts and stopped off at quite a few places we had not been before.  After crossing the truly beautiful Memorial Bridge which takes you from Springfield to West Springfield, you end up at a rotary and then are pushed out onto a road where the iconic White Hut is staring right at you.  It’s giant cut out letters calling you in.  It is a hole in the wall type of place.  An icon from a time past.  Just pulling up you can imagine the history behind it.  The web site states that it has been in business since the late 1930’s and has been passed down from family member to family member.  Although they now have three locations and a stand at the Eastern States Exposition, we think it really can’t get better than a visit to the original.

We were there at that odd time when it is neither breakfast or lunch.  We still opted for burgers, because well, why wouldn’t you?! One was served with fried onions and one without.  They were flat, greasy and totally amazing.  It doesn’t get any simpler, but it might not get any better either.  Inside we had the feeling most people were regulars and after eating our burgers we understood why.  A fun stop off and a really good burger that made you feel like you were eating a part of history.

The White Hut is located at 280 Memorial Avenue in West Springfield, Massachusetts.IMG_8409










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