Yorkshire Scallops from Ramus Seafood Emporium


On a wet fall evening in North Yorkshire we had a family gathering. I am over from the US, my sister had come over from Hungary and with my younger sister here in Yorkshire we decided to get together for a dinner party.


Ramus Seafood Emporium
My mother suggested that I try Ramus fish mongers in Harrogate, they had a great selection of fresh fish from the UK coast. I bought some scallops and sea bass.




I cooked down a little cauliflower till very tender then blended with a little cream to make a puree.




Heavy (double) cream was reduced with some smoked bacon and shallots.




Leeks were braised in just water, olive oil, bay, salt and pepper.


The scallops were seared then placed on the cauliflower puree with a little bacon cream, raw cauliflower and the braised leeks. Finally some parsley oil was used to garnish.


I followed the scallops with some pan seared sea bass with mashed potato, French beans and a saffron sauce.





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