B & B Dockside in Westerly, Rhode Island

The heat of the summer has caught up with us.  While we often think we can most definitely live without an air conditioner, these last two weeks have challenged that philosophy one hundred percent.  As I sit here typing my son is in a cold bath playing with his toys and my dog is sat panting in front of a fan which is set to high speed.  I am wondering how many more minutes are left before I melt away.  It has been this way for what feels like weeks.  Rain comes in at night and then the humidity and unbearable heat moves in just in time for us all to wake up and start our days.  This morning we woke up a little extra early and set off to the library for the very last day of the summer book sale.  After accumulating a bag full of treasure for ten dollars we decided to splurge and get breakfast.  I was really only after an iced coffee, but knowing I had to please a little boy who was soon to be cranky due to the heat, I figured I could bribe him with an offer of pancakes.


Even though we have lived here for a little over a year now, there are still plenty of places we have not visited.  This morning we stopped in at B & B Dockside which is set right along the river here in Westerly.  With a view of docked boats and the quiet noise of an Amtrak train passing by in the background, it is in contrast to the ocean view most people come here for; but a gorgeous view nonetheless.  My son was hungry.  He was not going to be happy if we had to wait even one second to be seated…if you have kids you know what I am talking about.  If you don’t, just imagine those kids who scream through meals and you will get the idea.  We went to the door and entered a very cool air conditioned room that felt like heaven.  We were offered a short wait or… we could be seated outside with no wait.  We went outside where we were, at first, the only ones there.  The little patio table had an umbrella and was shaded by the side of the building.  There was a breeze coming from the river and it was (much to my surprise) actually so lovely that I felt like we had hit a little bit of a jackpot.


My son ordered the kids silver dollar pancakes which they were gracious enough to switch up and add chocolate chips to.  These were a bargain at under $3.00.  The portion size was not small and could have fed both of my kids if I had them both with me.  My son smeared his with strawberry jam and maple syrup and then managed to eat every single last ooey, gooey, chocolately bite.  The numerous selections on the menu means there is really something to please everyone.  They have steak and eggs, omelettes and sweet things like french toast or waffles.  I ordered the farmers omelette which was filled with bacon, onion, herbs and goat cheese.  It was served with shredded hash browns and toast.  I also got my large iced coffee which, as I’ve mentioned, was all I was really after.  Leah, our server, was so friendly and accommodating.   We were not rushed through the meal but rather left to enjoy breakfast and the great view of the river and boats.   I know we will add it to our list of breakfast stops and hope that you will verge off the beaten path if you are in Westerly to check it out.




They are open from 8-3 Monday through Thursday but stay open until 8pm on Friday and Saturday.  I’d love to go back sans kids and have a fun night out trying some of their yummy sounding drinks… I hear they have amazing burgers and that the hand cut fries are really good too! B & B Dockside is located at 19 Margin Street in Westerly, Rhode Island.



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