Beet Powder Buckwheat Blini with Caviar

Just in time for Valentine’s Day….who are we kidding? When one of you works in the hospitality industry you never get a Valentine’s Day together.  We made our little Valentine’s Day lunch two days ago on a rare day off.  Rather than spend our day doing chores or tasks around the house, we decided to go shopping for some great little finds.  One of them was this Beet Powder.  We did think it might enhance the color of the blini but in the end it was a very subtle color change.  The good news was that our four year old loved them…do you think we should have told him the “crunchy bubbles” were caviar?



The blini’s do take a little time as they contain a little yeast so that it has opportunity to ferment.  We found it best to lay out all the ingredients first.





110 grams buckwheat flour

110 grams bread flour

280 milliliters milk

150 milliliters cream

10 grams salt

3 grams dried yeast

3 egg yolks

3 egg whites

20 grams sugar

2 Tablespoons of beet powder


So to begin combine all the dry ingredients except the salt. Use a whisk to ensure they are fully combined.



Separate the three eggs and set the whites aside. Add the yolks to the dry mix.




Pour in the milk.



With a spatula, mix all together until combined.


Cover and place in a warm spot for at least an hour. You will see bubbles rising to the surface from the yeast.


Then whip the egg whites to soft peaks.




Add one third of the whites and at this stage add the salt.




Mix until the egg whites are combined then repeat with the other two thirds.



In a large skillet pour on the mix and cook on both sides.



Once cooled we decided to cut ours into little hearts.  You can do simple circles…we were just being festive.




We chilled our caviar in a bowl of freshly fallen snow (which we have plenty of at the moment).



Serve with a little sour cream ……..and maybe a little chilled champagne.





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