Berkshire Pork Roasted with Potato, Kale & Fall Apple Sauce





There is something special about a Sunday roast lunch. With a lovely piece of Berkshire pork and some seasonal apples we made a real fall comfort meal.




The Berkshire pig breed is one of the oldest in England and comes from the part of England around Wantage, Goring and Faringdon in the Vale of white horse. I used to spend my school holidays in this area staying with my Grandmother or my Uncle, Aunt and cousins.  Now that we live in the Berkshires in Massachusetts this was the perfect pork for our meal.





Fall in New England is apple season. Apple sauce and pork is a natural and delicious combination. This apple sauce is incredibly simple.




Remove the apple cores then roughly chop the apples. Place in a small sauce pan with a little Brandy or Calvados. Add a star anise, salt & Pepper then cover and cook over a low flame until soft.






For the kale finely dice half and onion the sweat in a frying pan with a little olive oil.



Next add some crushed garlic.





Remove the ribs from the kale then add to the softened onion and garlic. Season, add a little water and cover. Cook until tender.





Season the pork then sear on all sides, then roast in the oven. Meanwhile par boil some small potatoes, drain and add to the same pan as the pork so they roast in the juices and fond from the pork. Once the pork reaches 145F remove and rest for 20 minutes.


Now all that’s left to do is to is to enjoy a beautiful family meal.



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