Braised Endive Served with Lamb


Endive is better known as Chicory in England. It is a bitter leaf green that can be found at markets through the winter months. Although it great in a salad we decided to braise and serve it with roasted lamb.




First remove from any packaging and wash the heads.




Thinly slice a shallot, half each Endive head and gently crush a garlic clove.




Place all the ingredients in a baking dish and add a little butter, salt and pepper.




Fill with water so that it just covers the Endive. Then place some baking parchment over the top.




Bake in a low oven 300f for about 40 minutes turning once half way through.




Meanwhile roast your lamb and cook the potato.




We also had a little Swiss chard that we sauteed




Serve with one or two half heads of the braised Endive.











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