Crucolo & Fromage Brie d’Affinois Truffle…Two Great Finds for your Cheese Board

Every now and then we stumble upon great cheese.  Last weekend was no exception.  We had stopped off to buy some beer and came across two cheeses we had not tried before.
This Fromage Brie d’Affinois Truffle cost us about $18 a pound.  The truffle was not overly pungent as it often can be and the oozy ripeness of the brie was just perfect.  We find with brie that we really go by the look of it in the market.  Sometimes we just get lucky and purchase it at the perfect moment in its life.  This was one of those moments.  The cheese just oozed onto our toasts and left us wanting more after each bite.



This Crucolo rang in at $19 a pound.  It was mild and creamy and a nice change from our usual selections.  We loved the airiness of it.



Two great finds, perfect for your next cheese board.


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