Egg Banjo With Bacon


The egg ‘banjo’ is a simple British Army dish. It has been popular among soldiers for years.



The classic egg banjo is made only with fried egg, bread and butter but we added a little bacon. As we are in England at the moment we decided to cook it on the Aga flat top just using a silicone sheet.


Start the bacon cooking first then crack the eggs and season with salt and pepper.



Cover the eggs, the aim is to have them cooked but the yolks must remain runny.



Place between two slices of crusty white bread,




As you hold your sandwich in one hand and take a large bite the runny yolk will inevitably begin to run down your chin and onto your uniform. You will not want to place your sandwich down as you devour this tasty morsel and so you will  use your free hand to wipe the dripping gold. It is this action that can look like you are strumming an instrument that gives this sandwich its name among the troops of “egg banjo”.




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