Everything on Everything Salmon Blend

We were so excited with the arrival of the Everything on Everything products this summer- you know, just like the bagels.  So good! You can put this spice on everything from hummus to salad to toast, and of course, you can bake with it! Recently we discovered that Everything on Everything also makes a Salmon Blend in collaboration with Drifters Fish.  Containing sesame seeds, sea salt, dried onion, black sesame seeds, poppy seeds, crushed coriander and crushed fennel, this spice blend might be our new favorite.  We rubbed ours on some beautiful Black Pearl Salmon which we had cubed and were going to be grilling for lunch.  It can also be sprinkled on after cooking.  We loved the crushed fennel flavor which gave the salmon just enough love without overpowering it.  Perfect for summer lunches, but we are even envisioning it sprinkled on salmon chowder this winter…


Want to give it a try? Stop by and grab one at the shop.  They are a bargain at $5 a jar! 

109 Bay Street, Watch Hill, RI 

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