Goats Cheese & Pumpkin Seeds with Drizzled Honey


If you read the last blog you will note…we love cheese on toast.  This time it was for breakfast.  There is something fabulous about sitting on a screened porch overlooking the Berkshire Hills eating local products for breakfast.  We realize the fleeting aspect of this luxury.  A treat which is bound to change, somewhat, once this perpetual summer holiday comes to an end and such relaxed breakfasts are designated to weekends not Tuesday mornings.


But for today we sat back, breathed in the cool Berkshire air and enjoyed this easy and satisfying breakfast.


Cheese on toast.  Simple.  No cooking involved.  Pure assembly and enjoyment.  Sometimes we need that easiness to an occasional meal especially when the chef amongst us has been working very long hours and needs a break at home.
At the market we found some fairly local honey out of Connecticut.  Although we’ve tried to find some information about it on line, we cannot, which makes us assume it is so local they don’t even have a web site to advertise it.  You can find it at Guido’s in Pittsfield, Massachusetts if you are up this way, or you can substitute your favorite local honey.


The thing that made this breakfast so great (besides the luxury of not rushing through it) were the various textures of what we were eating.  Crispy cranberry, pecan and oat bread.  Creamy goats cheese.  Crunchy pumpkin seeds.  Silky honey.  Each bite was a little gift.




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