Grilled Avocados

The other day when I was waiting at the bus stop for my kids to get dropped off from school I was lucky enough to catch part of Faith Middleton’s Food Schmooze on WNPR.  Have you heard this show? It is fabulous.  Little tidbits of good food info that is shared as if you were hanging out with friends in a kitchen talking.  I love it and was so glad to catch part of it.  Ms. Middleton was talking about grilling and my ears perked up when I heard her say charred avocados for fresh guacamole.  Charred avocado?! Why hadn’t I thought of that?  Just the name alone sounds appetizing doesn’t it? Charred avocado.  We love our avocados here.  LOVE.  And, although it took me a year or so….I have even convinced the kids that they also love them.  That was a huge food victory for me. Avocados are so good for you.  The health benefits are endless! From skin and hair care to cardiovascular health…this is the one superfood you should start including in your diet.  A few days after listening to that episode I found myself in a very rare situation…I was in my car alone.  I could listen to the radio without worrying about what little ears were hearing.  I thought I’d catch the news but again, here was the Food Schmooze.  It was a replay of the same episode.  That is when I knew I had to make these grilled avocados.

avocado 1

It is recommended that to grill avocado you should use an avocado that is still quite firm.  I bought two at the market and then just didn’t get to grilling them as quickly as I thought I would.  (a.k.a. three days later I remembered I had avocados…) I might have waited a few days too long but thought I’d attempt to grill them anyway.  I sliced ours in half, removed the pit and lightly brushed the flesh sides with olive oil.  They were grilled flesh side down on medium heat until slight char marks started to appear.

At the same time we grilled some lemons and limes to drizzle on top.   Waiting the extra day did not seem to matter.  Ours were still firm enough that they held up on the grill.  The Food Schmooze suggested that you turn them very gently with a spatula, treating them like fish.  I used tongs and a spatula.

The grilled flavor combined with the charred limes and a pinch of salt made these avocados A.M.A.Z.I.N.G.  We didn’t use ours for guacamole, but you better believe that we will do this again and try it out.  So simple and so flavorful.  Check out The Food Schmooze! They even have a podcast so you can listen at your convenience.  Thanks, Faith Middleton! We LOVE your show!





For more information on the health benefits of avocados check out this post on Health & Fitness Shops wellness website.  

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