Ground Bison Kofta Skewers


What better on a hot summer afternoon than a simple lunch cooked on the grill? We love it when we see something different in the market.  Yesterday we happened upon some ground bison and were reminded of a car trip from Massachusetts to Wyoming where the bison were roaming absolutely everywhere.  We are fortunate here to have a bison farm quite nearby but sadly we rarely take advantage of it.  After cooking this lunch we may make the effort to stop in more frequently.


We created a mixture of sumac (which has a citrus flavor), salt, pepper, fresh mint, turmeric, thyme and a pinch of cinnamon.


We added that mixture to the ground bison until incorporated.  We also added a quarter cup of breadcrumbs to help it firm up.


The mixture was then formed into links on skewers.


The skewers were placed in the fridge to firm.



We placed these on a hot grill and squirted them with lemon.



We grilled them well (on each side), continuing to drizzle with the lemon juice.  In the meantime we grilled some peppers and pita.



We are estimating that we cooked them for about ten to fifteen minutes.


We served ours with some fresh mint, couscous and a big pitcher of Pimm’s Cup No. 1.



This was really just a perfect lunch.  The mint throughout added a freshness that we associate with summer eating.  Great North American meat with North African flavors.


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