Hibiscus Infused Marshmallows


When I think of marshmallows I envision the dehydrated little nubs that can be found in my package of Swiss Miss or a tub of Marshmallow Fluff.  My husband had a different idea.  He has been wanting to make our own marshmallows for some time.  Valentine’s Day seemed like the perfect reason to finally cross this recipe off our to do list.



We wanted our marshmallows to be special so we decided to infuse them with hibiscus.  This summer we had come across some dried hibiscus at our local market.  It was too pretty to pass up so we bought it and knew we would get to use it eventually.  Six months later our “eventually” came.



To begin we steeped the hibiscus in boiling water.  We let this sit for at least two hours.




In cold water bloom seven sheets of gelatin.




Take half a cup of the steeped hibiscus liquid and mix with one pound of sugar and one ounce of corn syrup.  Heat until the hard ball stage on your candy thermometer (about 250 f.)





Meanwhile whisk two egg whites to firm peaks then whilst the whisk is turning pour in (in a steady stream) the heated hibiscus syrup.
Finally, whilst still hot, squeeze out the gelatin and whisk in to the marshmallow.  Now continue to whisk on high for about five minutes.



The hibiscus provides a very subtle pink hue.



Dust a parchment lined tray and molds with a mixture of icing sugar, corn starch and sprinkles. We used a light pink.  Then carefully spoon in your marshmallow.


Dust the top of each mold with more sugar and then leave at room temperature to set for at least one hour.



Cut around the mold with a sharp knife before you release them from the molds.


 These were so yummy.  You can serve them with homemade hot chocolate, toast them in front of the fire or just eat as is.  A delicious treat for your Valentine.  In a box, covered, they will keep for several weeks.  My days of dehydrated mini marshmallows are over…

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