Honey Preserved Clementines

It is that time of year….you walk in the market and there right in front of you (at least at our market) is a huge display of wood boxed clementines.  We can’t walk past them.  We fall for it every time and lift the wooden box into the cart.  We get home and our four year old begs to open them and count them as he places them in the “little orange bowl”, which, in fact, is not little at all, but a huge dish for the numerous clementines we accumulate from shopping trip to shopping trip.  While we do eat most of them we also usually have a few left over.   We had read a recipe a while back for preserved clementines and tried to recreate it from memory as we could not recall where we read it to look it up.



We began by thoroughly washing the clementines.




We gathered the ingredients- half a cup of sugar, a cinnamon stick, cloves, cardamom pods and a pot of honey.  We used Red Bee Bamboo honey, which, if you have not tried, might we suggest as it is absolutely incredible in flavor.




Place all the ingredients in a pot with a cup of water.






Bring the liquid to a boil and then add the oranges which are cut into 1/3″ slices.



Simmer gently for ten minutes.  Allow to cool and then place the oranges in a jar.




Pour the liquid in.








Refrigerate.  We are letting ours sit for a week before we use them with some Greek yogurt and granola for breakfast.

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