Lamb Kebabs with Mediterranean Vegetables & Grilled Haloumi Cheese

In the summertime cooking on our grill is our favorite way to cook.  Tonight we had the luxury of eating dinner together, which usually never happens when one of you is a professional chef.  We sat outside and enjoyed this summer dinner of lamb kebabs with Mediterranean vegetables and grilled Haloumi cheese along with a fantastic bottle of Sancerre wine.



To begin we took a few red and green peppers, which we chopped, and a few zucchini which we sliced in half lengthwise.  As we were making kebabs we wanted the peppers to be chunky little bits so we kept them separate from the zucchini which we planned to grill on its own.  We added some fresh thyme and oregano, as well as salt and pepper.


We squeezed lemon juice onto the zucchini and herbs and put them aside.



We removed the lamb meat from the bone and cut it into chunks for our kebabs.


We added the cut lamb to the bowl with the peppers and added some pitted olives.  We don’t tend to buy our olives pitted (except recently for some black olives which we have become sadly addicted to right out of the can), and have recently found a wonderful little olive pitter tool at our local kitchen shop.  We were so excited to find this tool and have loved using it ever since.



Halumi cheese stands up to grilling rather well so we cut it into thick slices and seasoned it with salt and pepper as well as some thyme.


We speared our lamb and vegetable mixture onto our kebab sticks and we were ready to grill.



This dinner was so lovely and the flavors all melded together fantastically.  It was the perfect way to spend a night at home together.

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