Mike & Patty’s Bay Village, Boston


We had driven into Boston for Restaurant Week (blog to follow)…and along the way found this eclectic and tiny breakfast spot in Bay Village.  We should say that we did a ton of Googling to find the perfect breakfast spot.  We were staying in Back Bay and wanted something close by so we could take a morning walk.  After narrowing our pick down to two locations, we decided on Mike & Patty’s in Bay Village.



The little narrow streets with charming houses reminded us of certain spots in London or Philadelphia.  After an easy walk we spotted Mike & Patty’s and quickly realized that we would not fit inside as it is absolutely tiny and was (at 8:00 or so) jam packed with eight other people.  We were not leaving though.  We waited about two minutes outside and then were encouraged to come inside and squish in with the others.


First observations (besides the size of the place) were that the people were extremely welcoming and friendly and that they do a great business.  The man behind the counter is one of four new owners and was more than willing to tell us about the area and the restaurant.  He was down to earth and made the entire morning something we will remember.


By the time our sandwiches were ready the only table in the place opened up and we were able to sit down and eat.



We both ordered classic sandwiches (egg, cheese and bacon) on multi-grain bread.  While there was nothing pretentious about this place or meal, it was one of our best experiences this week.  The sandwich itself was amazing.  Simple, hearty, wholesome and clearly made with passion.  Not a hint of processed muck that you can find at your local chained breakfast spots.



The menu includes a number of different breakfast and lunch sandwiches and we were told that they will be adding some new things to the menu in the near future.


Mike & Patty’s is located at the corner of Fayette and Church Streets in the Bay Village section of Boston.  It is an easy walk from Back Bay and well worth the wait if the line is long.  It is going to be our go to breakfast spot when we visit Boston.  Like them on Facebook or check out their web site linked below.



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