North African Chicken

This is one of our new cook books. Arabesque is a beautiful book and it inspired us to make this Moroccan style chicken.


Ras el hanout is a North African spice blend. There is no definitive set combination of spices that make Ras el hanout. Each shop, company, or person would have their own secret combination containing over a dozen spices this is our version:


Charlotte Julienne ‘Ras el hanout’:

1 tspn cumin
1/2 tspn chili powder
5 cardomon pods
1 tspn tumeric
4 cloves
1 tspn anise seeds
1/4 tspn white pepper
1/4 tspn salt
1/2 tspn sumac

pinch of nutmeg


Place spices in a pestle or spice grinder.




Grind to a powder.




Cut a cross in two limes.




Place in the cavity of each chicken (we used small poussin / cornish game hens).




Rub the ras el hanout over all the chicken.




Brown the breast meat on the stove top then roast in a pre-heated oven (400F) for about 35 mins. The bird is done when the juices run clear or the internal temp of the breast reaches 160F.


Remove the chicken and let rest for at least 10 minutes.




Cut each bird in half and serve.





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