Pan Roasted Summer Trout with Red Quinoa


 Trout is not only a deliciously mild fish, but it is also sustainable.  When cooking trout we always find it best to keep it simple.  The flesh is so subtly sweet in flavor -too much flavoring can overpower the naturally wonderful taste of the fish.  We just wanted a quick, simple, delicious weekend dinner.



You can cook the fish whole on the bone, but we decided to fillet the fish first. Just check that no sharp pin bones remain in the fillets.


In a hot pan drizzle a little olive oil then add the seasoned fillets, skin side down and sprinkle liberally with fresh thyme from the garden.


Pan roast for about four minutes on one side then at the last minute turn and remove from the heat.


You want it so the flesh is just cooked.


We served it with red quinoa and broccoli rabe and a squeeze of lemon.  It was delicious! With this fish simple delivers the best results.


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