Purple Potato & Hake Spring Cakes


Finely our first day that really feels like spring.  The snow has left us and the crocus flowers have added color once again to our otherwise bleak garden.  With a wide variety of spring potatoes we are also able to add fresh color to our dinner table.


This was actually a left over dish.  We found some beautiful Hake (which has become a popular cod substitute in the fish and chips shops of Northern England) and having used 2/3 of it the night before for dinner, we had a little left over for our lunch the next day.  We also salvaged some cooked new potatoes from the same dinner and combined them to make these lovely little potato and Hake spring cakes for an easy (yet tasty) lunch.









Poach the fish in a little water with some lemon juice and then add it to the grated new potatoes along with some lovely lemon zest.





Mix together and add a little salt and pepper to season and then carefully shape into equal size cakes.


Place in the fridge for ten minutes just to help firm.


In the meantime make a lemon caper dressing.  We mixed capers, lemon juice, dijon mustard and then whisked in olive oil.
Remove the cakes from the fridge and dust with flour and then gently brown in a pan with a little oil.



Serve on a bed of greens and drizzle with the dressing.


 We absolutely loved the colors within these cakes.  The creamy potato and delicate fish was contrasted by the crunchy texture of the outside.  The zesty lemon caper dressing lightened the entire dish up.  This is really a perfect little plate for lunch.  We took our seemingly finished leftovers and created a lunch which we would serve for guests.


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